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The night was cold and dark
Your nose was red
Just like mine.

You looked me in the eyes and took my hands,
I looked you in the eyes and kissed your lips.

You said: “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
And smiled.

I started to run and you followed me.
The night belonged to us - just this night,

Just for you and me.
It was so easy,
But dangerous.

With music in the ears dancing on the roof
Your hand holding my hand - tight an safe

Nobody wants
To slip and fall
An fly for just a sec.

But we did it and it felt quite good;
Tried to wake them up but they slept too deep.

The morning after was OK,
You had a cold,
So did I.

You caressed my skin and smelled my hair,
I closed my eyes, kissed your face and knew,
That I love you.
1.11.06 18:35

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